Dear Community:

Thanks for all your interest and support over these past years.

As of December 1st, my webstore is permanently closed, all products discontinued. As of now, I can no longer recommend products. I will, however, continue to see a limited number of patients in my office, and will offer online education via the Dr. Sam Berne membership All new offerings will be announced, and available, through my membership.

The FDA Recall refund process ended for domestic requests as of 12/16/2023. International refund process ends January 5, 2024.

I wish you all the best of the winter season, and into 2024.

Dr. Sam Berne

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Dr. Berne's Whole Health Support

Creating Your Personal Vision - E-Book



Creating Your Personal Vision offers a new direction in vision care, a self-healing guide that supports people in improving their vision through mind-body approaches and expanding consciousness. Dr. Berne has found that our visual patterns represent attitudes, belief systems, and energetic imprints that may not be a true measure of our present seeing. The key is that the clearer we can see inside ourselves using inner vision, the clearer our physical vision will become.

Creating Your Personal Vision - E-Book